Desiderata 4

If you compare yourself with others you may become vain and bitter;
For always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

 We each strive to improve ourselves – materially, intellectually, spiritually. It is human nature to dream and to bring those dreams to fulfilment through endeavour and acquisition.

But hopefully not at the expense of others.  And we should not laud it over those whom we might consider ‘lesser’.  They may have untold riches which may, or may not be, material.  Apart from which, our circumstances may change radically and we too may find ourselves among “the lesser”.   There but for the grace of God go I.

We are each a Human Being – we bleed when we are cut, we laugh when we are happy, we love our children, we cry when we are sad – regardless of where we are on the social scale, the corporate ladder, the environment in which we live and function.

If we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, are able to pay our bills with a little left over, that is really great – it is better than 2/3 of the rest of the entire planet – and although at least one of those things may be out of sync on occasion – I am still truly blessed with abundance and am incredibly grateful.

If we have family and friends who love and care about us, that is the most important of all, because then the rest just falls into place.  Because with true friends and loving family, one can weather any storm.  This is because you are not alone, and together you can make things happen for the better.  Just sharing a problem with a friend, can help put it in perspective and so diminish its impact, and then it becomes cope-able and probably fixable.  Life can be just so much harder when you are alone.

I am fortunate that I live in Australia – but it is not the place per se which makes me happy.  It helps, (it is the best country in the world 🙂 )  but my contentment comes from being grateful for what I do have.  I don’t really need the newest and brightest thing on the market – I have more than sufficient tools, implements, and gadgets that work very well.

But more than that,  I have a husband and daughter who love me and care about me.  I have an increasing circle of loving  and caring friends and acquaintances .  That is my true wealth.  The rest doesn’t matter.

There are whole communities who have less than I do, many people living in harsh situations with less than I, yet many of those persons still feel contentment.  They too are grateful for what they have.  They have the bonds of family and friends who care, and that makes all the difference  – the love and the caring.

You may think you desire what someone else appears to have, but the reality may be totally unexpected and not something that you really want at all. We often perceive only the upside of another’s apparent “good life”, without understanding the sacrifice, the burden, the pain, the mental, physical and emotional costs, the responsibilities it might also entail.  Sometimes there is even a darkening of the soul’s light.

Many of these people experiencing “the good life” are unhappy, are anxious, have trouble in various degrees with various types of relationships.  They are very busy doing and sometimes very busy neglecting the very things/people they are working for.

Envy is such a wasted emotion and bitterness leaves such a bad taste in the mouth.  And what do we have to be vain about?   Is vanity about anything that is not just superficial and impermanent?  Envy and vanity do not come from the heart, they come from the very fragile ego,  and so really have no currency in ones true emotions for living a contented life.    Love and compassion are the legal tender of a heart based action.

I really have too much physical stuff and I am not content with that.   I do want to simplify my environment and that too is a work in progress.

I am aiming for contentment and being comfortable in my own skin – the latter being a particular challenge.  I am aiming to do less and be more.   But if I must be doing, then why and for what am I doing.    I am aiming to simplify my life and separate the gold from the dross.

I wish you contentment with whom you are now and may you choose your goals wisely.  May you love what you do.   I wish you gratitude for the life you are living now and I wish you the fortitude to change what no longer suits you – be they outdated attitudes or outdated clothes.  May you stand in your own Truth and not feel the desire to compare yourself with others, lest you let the fragile Ego overrule the Heart.

I send you blessings from The Universe and Angels to help you.


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