Desiderata 5


Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans

Celebrate each and every positive in your life, even – or should I say, particularly – the little ones. Life is made up of lots of little achievements, more so than big ones. Lots of reasons to celebrate.  Enjoy your achievements and you enjoy your life that much more.

Making plans can sometimes be much more exciting than the reality.  We tend to get very excited and enthused at the planning stage.  We often celebrate at the planning stage.  It really is enjoyable.    The reality sometimes needs commitment and perseverance – not quite as exciting as dreams – but necessary to achieve the goal.

Instead of wedding Anniversaries – where one makes a big deal once a year – unless life gets too busy and one forgets – ooooppppps!  – we have monthiversaries where we wish each other a Happy 12th.  Sometimes it can be a day or more late –  but we still laugh, and joke and smile – and kiss and hug.  We notice – not just the date – but each other.

There have been occasions when we have not been able to celebrate our Anniversary in an appropriate style, but that is not a big deal for us now – and we have been married 34 years.

Enjoy making your plans, setting your goals, based on your dreams.

Keep the steps, along the way to your goals, realistic, so you do not become discouraged.  Take smaller steps if necessary.

I make lists, lots of lists. However, I get side-tracked. I may have 4/6/8 things I want to complete in a day/week. Sometimes the list is realistic and sometimes it really is not.

At the end of the day I may have done 1 or 2 items – but I have done lots of other productive things (hopefully). So I cross out the 2 tasks on the list I have achieved – and then add onto the list the other projects I have completed – and then I cross those off too (I am not the only person who does this) and I celebrate.  The list then becomes an encouragement for what I have done, as opposed to a discouragement for what I have not done as planned. It gives me a sense of satisfaction – a will to continue and not just give up.

We know that each journey begins with a single step and continues by just putting one foot in front of the other – consistently and persistently – trusting we will get there, even if we can’t quite see the end at the moment. It is good to take a break and look back at times and notice just how far you have travelled – sometimes even beyond your expectations.   Rejoice! Celebrate! Re-energise and continue forward.

The difficulty arises because often we are on several different journeys at the same time. There may be a physical journey – the day to day stuff of life. There may be a financial journey – juggling money issues. A career/work journey – outside influences maybe getting in the way of your goals. An emotional journey – loss, grief, empty nest, new relationship, past relationship/s, current relationship/s. A spiritual journey – where do I fit in in the scheme of things, who am I, why am I here? What is ‘out there’, what is my purpose?   There could be other types of journeys I have not mentioned here, but you get the picture. One issue usually having just a little more priority at any given moment causes shifts in the priorities.

Our achievements can become buried under all the dreams, plans and footsteps.  Take the time to stop and notice, enjoy your sense of satisfaction.

I feel I am juggling all these journeys and the merry-go-round is spinning at an alarming speed. It becomes a case of ‘stop the world I want to get off’.   Well that is just not going to happen, so I hang on for grim death and swing between one priority and another, depending on which one is pulling my string hardest.

I need to take my own advice and stop and reflect and acknowledge the achievements – however small – however large.

Re-evaluate where you are on the particular “journey” you are focusing your attention on; draw a deep breath – or three – before moving forward once again.

Are you grateful for where you are on your various “journeys”?  Do you celebrate your achievements?




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