Desiderata – 3


Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexatious to the spirit.

Amen to that.

It is difficult to listen when the mouth is engaged;   2 ears – 1 mouth for a reason no doubt.  But boy, do we know how to use that mouth once we start talking.

I confess I have this strong urge to want to butt in and give my opinion if I feel I am being left out of the conversation and not “getting my turn”, which in turn leads to a rising in the volume level.

Isn’t it amazing that sometimes we just need to shout above the din of these loud and aggressive persons to get our own point across – our point being so much more important and relevant than theirs!.   :{    I too am guilty of being vexatious to the spirit, to others and even sometimes to my self! .

Optimally, I then need to ask myself how important really is it for me to rudely interrupt, to butt in – and act accordingly – not just butt in because I think that what I have to say is the more important.  I can be annoyingly pedantic.

More lessons to learn.

Notice I said “optimally”.  That is the goal.  I still find I have just barged right in – then there is this pause when I realise what I have done – then I lose the thread of the conversation entirely!  I guess all I can do then is have a chuckle at my own expense.

I sometimes cross the road to avoid other loud and vexatious persons – particularly if I am out at night – though it can be during the day time.  Luckily I am of an age where I don’t normally mix in that sort of crowd – but they can still find me on occasion – and escaping seems to be the wisest move.


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