DESIDERATA – Introduction

My head wouldn’t turn off last night, so to calm myself I started thinking of the first few lines of Desiderata – “Go placidly … “, be peaceful and calm etc. It is a piece of writing I keep returning to time and time again – a rock I cling to in the stormy seas of chaos and mayhem – when I need to draw on its timeless relevance.

It is a piece of writing that has resonated with me since I first read it decades ago. Whenever I think of it these days, I hear it deep within my being, recited in the beautiful velvet timbre of Kamahl’s voice as it flows into my soul like rich dark hot chocolate – warming and comforting.

The recording is somewhere in our collection. I haven’t listened to it for ages – but that doesn’t really matter as I am truly connected to its wisdom. I have a bookmark with Desiderata written upon it, and as I am a voracious reader, I keep it near me and awash myself often with its rhythm, and reason.

I started thinking about the words and the wisdom and then my head started having this discussion about what silence; our world is full of loud and aggressive persons; about employment and lack thereof; and trickery; and ideals; and virtue; and being gentle with oneself.

My head just would not let me be and I wasn’t going to get any rest until I put pencil to paper.

I have segmented it into sections rather than one very long dissertation because I think each section deserves its own discussion

… and so I begin …

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