Just beginning

I have a head full of the snuffles, the weather is overcast, the sky is grey and getting darker by the minute.  Not that any of this is a real problem, but probably not a good time to start a writing career.  I do think better when my head is somewhat clearer.  However, on the plus side, there is not a lot else that I can do – except housework – and that is just not an option today.  So onward …

My amazing daughter has a wonderful blog   http://frommaybetoalmost.com    and this has encouraged me to start my own.  I have many things on which I hold opinions and enjoy sharing.

More good news – I have a new laptop – and it works !!! and faster than the snail pace of the older one.   It even has a name “skullcandy” but I don’t think that suits.  More brain power needed to  select a better name.  This is my second day on my new computer so I am still figuring it out.  Windows 8.1 is a whole new ballgame for me.

As I usually have 2 speeds – flat out and stop – so now I have a machine that can keep up with me.  I might even manage to master Facebook.

Alzheimer’s will just have to wait – I have too much to see and do and learn.

So now I will put another log on the fire, and curl up with my cat on my lap and  chill out in front of the television with some crochet so I don’t feel completely indolent.




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